Transcript of a Radio Baghdad, Iraq broadcast

8th September 1990 at 2238Z on 13660kHz

Unintelligible words and parts of words appear as "xxx". Unfortunately I don't have the audio recording any more.

And now, dear friends, from Radio Baghdad here is a special programme entitled, "The United States' violation of Human Rights".

Should the human concience accept the salvation of a whole people? Does God accept that the people of xxx be banned from trade? Does the human concience accept the prevention of food and medicene from a whole people as is the wish of the American president? Where is the human right which they claim? A blockade is enforced on a people because they refused a foreign presence on their land and xxx, endangering their security and community. The West, led by the United States, is imposing economic sanctions on Iraq under the pretext of the xxxing xxxad ruler. We call upon all peace and freedom lovers all over the world to raise their voices at these states who stand beside the bad words "petrol sheexxx".

xxx xxx from Radio Baghdad brings you a special programme entitled "The United xxx violation of Human Rights", presented to you from Radio Baghdad, the broadcasting service of the Iraqi Republic.

= = = = =

And now, dear friends, from Radio Baghdad, here is our news summary for today.

President Saddam Hussain's envoy, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mr xxx xxx conveyed a letter from President Hussain to the Cantanxxxian President Ali xxx pertaining to the American military build-up in the Arab Peninsula. Iraq called upon the United Nations Organisation commending UNISEF to seriously work to protect Iraq's children due to the unjust economic measures of preventing xxx xxx and medicene. xxx xxx xxx unfortunate xxxnegotiations in xxx call xxx Arab and Islamic xxx xxx to recall a Holy War which was to xxx by President Saddam Hussain. Iraqi and Jordanian Ministers described what was going on in the Arab Gulf as a national and a human battle against xxx. Palestinian demonstraters demonstrated today after xxx in protest against the American military position in the Holy territory.

People of the Lebanese city of xxx declaring xxx xxx their absolute support for Iraq and requires the xxx inferior xxx attack. One of the Tunisian xxxes confirmed that the American presence in the Holy territories of xxx and Hajad is opposing to the teachings of Qu'ran and Islamic xxx (God). Chairman of the Military attack from a xxx in the United States Chancellor of Deputies says that the American troops who did enter into any military confrontation with the Iraqi troops. The Soviet foreign minister says the convention of an international xxx conference might help ease tension in the region.

This brings us to the end of our news summary for today, presented to you from Radio Baghdad, the broadcasting service of the Iraqi Republic.

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